Sales Performance Engagements

Help sales teams sell powerfully.

Help companies scale quickly.

Seasoned sales leadership builds your department the right way without the cost & risk of full-time hiring.

Sales Playbook
Sales Performance Framework Circle

How We Deliver

We build and deliver modular
sales performance frameworks
combining best practices on
process, tools, technology, & people.

Our clients love engagements because they pay for key deliverables, not billable hours or full-time salaries.

Building Process & Tools

Our 90-120 day Framework Engagements are affordable and drive ROI both immediately and over time.

Building People

Our quarterly / annual Coaching Engagements allow for elite call coaching while developing talent internally.

Building Technology

Sales technology excellence can't be achieved without a Sales Enablement Platform at it's core.

Sales Performance Engagements

The process, tools, and people part of the framework are built by the service side of our business:
sales performance engagements.

Framework Engagements

Framework engagements are short-term (90-120 day) deliverable-based projects that are affordable and drive ROI both immediately & over time.

Framework Engagement

Sales Playbook

The sales playbook is the single most important piece of the sales department foundation. It organizes all the expectations, processes, resources, and knowledge reps need to succeed. It is the single-source-of-truth for all sales questions within the company.


Key Deliverable: Company Sales Playbook

We craft your team a bespoke sales playbook simplifying your tribal knowledge and harmonizing it with proven turn-key sales best practices in order to ensure all sales answers are a simple click away.



  • Crystal clear sales expectation setting
  • Efficient one-stop knowledge on all sales topics
  • Entire team selling with a single process
  • Empowers self-management & development
  • Reduced ramp-up time for new reps or new roles


Pipeline Velocity Improvements

Organizational efficiency drives all aspects

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Framework Engagement

Tech Stack Optimization


We customize the CRM, automate workflows, and implement a Sales Enablement Platform to optimize the sales technology stack - while leveraging vendor management & change management best practices to reduce tech costs and remove team change anxiety.


Key Deliverable: CRM, SE Platform, & Dashboards

Sales performance demands a frictionless CRM that serves instead of hinders the team, with a one-stop-shop platform for all sales coaching & resources.


  • Drastically increase teams daily selling time
  • Maximize sales productivity & effectiveness

  • Minimize management & admin time

  • Crystal clear sales dashboards

  • Better, more accessible sales data

Pipeline Velocity Improvements

Tech efficiency drives sales productivity aspects
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Framework Engagement

Performance Management


We build performance into sales teams by serving up clear expectations, processes, and measurements that minimizing inefficient time spending and maximize focus on high-value activities.


Key Deliverable: Defined Performance Process
Sales reps know what to expect & sales managers know how to deliver on all aspects of having sales performance managed. 



  • Effective & regular performance reviews
  • 1:1's tied back to reps life goals
  • Goal setting and team buy-in
  • Goal breakdown & daily activity planning
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Proactive win/loss analysis

Pipeline Velocity Improvements

Sales efficiency drives quota attainment aspects 



Coaching Engagements

Coaching engagements deliver high-end sales leadership & coaching talent on a quarterly or annual retainer basis to maximize selling effectiveness.

Coaching Engagement

Sales Coaching

Custom call blueprints & scorecards within sales coaching technology power both group and 1:1 coaching sessions to improve call effectiveness for Prospecting, Demo, & Follow-Up (closing) sales calls.
Key Deliverable: Sales Coaching Program
Ensure high quality coaching is happening regularly while creating an engaging culture around sales coaching that's carried on internally once completed.
  • Improves sales effectiveness across team
  • Healthy competition through call scoring
  • Safe space to improve & practice
  • High engagement / Low burnout culture
Pipeline Velocity Improvements

Immediate sales effectiveness drives all aspects

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Coaching Engagement



We transform peers into leaders by providing process, resources, and coaching for your managers to level-up their impact, create an engaging culture around coaching, and connect with all sales styles.


Key Deliverables: Internal Sales Coaching Team
Your sales managers will come away with all the resources they need to assess sales skills, create personalized development plans, and deliver coaching feedback effectively.



  • Completely self-sufficient elite sales coaching
  • Home-grown talent cost effectiveness
  • Create clear career paths for top reps
  • High engagement / low burnout culture

Pipeline Velocity Improvements

Long-term sales effectiveness drives all aspects

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Coaching Engagement

Fractional CSO


Avoid the risk & cost of full-time hiring or mis-hiring this critical role too early while providing a perfect transition to bring on your full time head of sales in the future.


Key Deliverable: Chief Sales Officer

The key sales leadership role at startup companies is trusted to strategize, document, train, develop, and lead sales teams.



  • Drives company growth at a macro level
  • Strategic advisory based on 20+ years experience
  • Mentorship & development of key staff
  • Create & nurture a healthy sales culture
  • Assisted selection & transition of key sales leader

Pipeline Velocity Improvements

Organizational leadership drives all aspects


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Need clarification?

How is SellWell different than sales training?

Sales training is the problem we are solving:

Sales training is focused on teaching the universal concepts within sales, but reps - managers - and companies still have the responsibility to apply them before they reap the rewards.

Because of that, we frequently hear that our clients face significant challenges with sales training:

  • sales rep comprehension, as classroom style learning is not for everyone

  • only temporary sales increases, as knowledge that isn't re-enforced gets lost in 90 days

  • sales management not having time to implement the best practices

  • outdated best practices, due to the same generic information being recycled for years

  • expensive & tough-to-justify, with so much of the responsibility to generate ROI being one more job to do


SellWell's mission to improve quality-of-life for all sales people can't be achieved without delivering better value than sales training:

Our engagements build sales performance frameworks which are modular, permanent, turn-key, & done right the first time. So you simply reap the benefits of enabling your sales team without an extra job to do.

Our coaching programs that take the burden of elite call coaching off of your management team, improving the quantity - quality - & impact of your coaching. Call coaching software is required, we can either use your internal platform or provide ours.

Our fractional CSO roles speed companies through the critical & time-consuming process of hiring a full-time executive-level sales leader, delivering that level of leadership & impact immediately as well as helping to eventually transition in a full-time leader when the time is right.

Our sales enablement platform provides a permanent base of sales enablement operations to serve up the right coaching, training, & content at the right times.

Do you replace sales leadership?

Absolutely not.

We work as an extension of the sales leadership team, focusing on the important aspects of sales performance that typically suffer due to sales leadership being pulled in too many different directions.

Most organizations have talked about building a sales playbook but fail to deliver one.

Most organizations claim to do coaching but their staff feels under-coached or that their coaching is ineffective.

Most organizations set up sales technology to the bare minimum standards to use it and then go back to selling.

We unlock the time of sales leadership, and the effectiveness of the sales team - with the goal of building structures that permanently increase performance, and then ensuring your sales leaders have everything they need to operate it.

What industries do you serve?

All industries, and all levels of sales staff.

The sales best practices we focus on are universal, we combine those with your tribal (industry, company) knowledge to create bespoke sales performance frameworks.

Universal Sales Knowledge

As an example, it doesn't matter whether you're selling software, battleships, toilet paper, a cooking service, or anything else... everything being sold has universal knowledge such as:

  • Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
  • Sales Process, complete with stages, objectives, and tollgates
  • Product knowledge that can be simplified
  • Tedious administrative activities that can be streamlined or automated

& countless more opportunities to enable sales by unifying, simplifying, and helping to apply this universal sales knowledge.

What time commitment is required of me? What about my team?

The specific answer depends on the engagement we're delivering, but across all of our offerings the answer is the same... minimal time required on your part.

The value we bring is having these critical components done right, on time, and without you having another job to do. For an engagement this could look like just a brain-dump of product knowledge, or a needs assessment survey sent to the team, which gives us everything we need to build the final product for you.

Is this delivered remotely or in-person & How closely do you work with our team?

We're a remote-first company that delivers our products and services remotely. There are 14 inside sales reps being hired for every 1 outside sales rep, which is an undeniable indicator that remote sales / inside sales is where the entire profession is headed -- so we specialize in that space & practice what we preach.

We can work as closely with or as insulated from your team as you wish. Some of our offerings, like Sales Playbook or Tech Stack Optimization engagements can be done completely disconnected from your team. Some of our offerings, like Performance Management engagements or Sales Coaching retainers absolutely must be done in connection with your team.

Despite being remote, we pride ourselves on delivering permanent value with everything we do. We build sales performance frameworks complete with documented process and practical tools that stick around with the company long after our engagement has finished. We ensure everyone who needs it is trained on it's use, building those training materials to be on-demand for future employees.

What level of sales staff do you work with?

All levels of sales staff.

We ensure to cater the resources & tools to the appropriate challenges and skill sets associated with every level:

  • Sales individual contributors will benefit most from sales concepts, planners, calculators, or other tools to help them put more money on their own board.

  • Sales management & directors will benefit most from "coach-the-coaches" style material that will help them move from peer to leader and copy their own skillset onto their diverse team.

  • Sales VP's & executives will benefit from high-level custom advisory sessions, overarching frameworks, process methodologies, and resources that will empower their management team.

How do you measure ROI? When can I expect to see ROI?

We strongly believe that if we're not able to show a 10X ROI on every dollar spent with us within a year of delivery, we don't deserve your business. The beautiful part about sales is everything we do is measurable because everyone has a goal & their performance to that goal. Behind that attainment % is a horde of other numbers we use to quantify our value and your return on investment, such as Pipeline Velocity:

Pipeline Velocity = (Win %  X  # Active Opps  X  Avg. Deal Size $)  /  Sales Cycle in Days #

Because of the nature of what we do, we recommend splitting your view of ROI into 2 categories: hard efficiencies & soft gains.

Hard efficiencies are the things that we can touch, feel, see, and as a result we can undeniably measure their impact within 90 days.


  • 5 reps on a team
  • 70% QAT
  • 60% of each day spent on admin


  • 5 reps
  • 95% QAT
  • 20% daily administration

Based on a $20,000 MRR / month goal, we’ve:

  • Enabled an extra $5k MRR / month
  • Saved 16 hours per day of team selling time (13.3 days / month)

At $26/hr ($50k salary)
320 hrs saved (16 hours X 20 selling days)
We've saved $8360 saved / month.

Now the team, in addition to hitting targets, actually has time for training & cultural activities without affecting goal.

This is what we mean by driving both performance & wellness.


  • $13,860 hard efficiencies per month gained
  • $41,580 gained in first quarter vs. $30,000 spent in first quarter
  • $41,580 gained in second quarter vs. $0 spent in 2nd quarter
  • etc.

This is what we mean by driving permanent performance improvements.

Soft gains are the things that we can measure today, but will benefit you over time, so it's necessary to forecast that positive impact over time based on the real-world gains made early on.

IMPACT - $13,360 efficiency gained, $5000 of which is MRR increase, $8,360 of which is salary efficiency.

WATERFALL - $5,000 MRR / month 

= $390k in Year 1

= $1.95M Valuation increase at a 5X multiple

Looking at your MRR as a waterfall and multiplying by your valuation are table stakes for understanding the critical long term impact that establishing a high-performing sales team has on your business.

What sales technologies do you work with?

We are technology agnostic - our goal is delivering our clients the best value possible by helping them cut through the noise of an overwhelming sales technology landscape.

sales tech landscape

This means we're either using the technologies they've already selected, or we're being asked for unbiased recommendations on which software will provide the most value at the lowest cost. These technologies can be CRMs, Marketing Automation Platforms, Sales Acceleration Platforms, Tools for Video - Proposals - Signatures - Content - Dialling - Email, or many others. 

If you're looking for:

  • exact pricing,
  • answers to specific questions,
  • ROI calculation,
  • product demonstrations, and
  • recommendations based on your specific situation
    the next step is to book a discovery call
    to help us learn more about your goals & challenges.