The Sales Enablement Firm


Sales Enablement is

It doesn't matter what you sell.
It matters that you sell.


Drive sales performance by shifting focus from
Tribal Knowledge to Sales Enablement.

SellWell Industry Wheel Transparent

Tribal Knowledge

Is industry-specific, it's the information you get once you're part of "the tribe", made up of:

  • external industry knowledge (trends, standards)
  • internal product knowledge (features, engineering)
  • internal company knowledge (processes, structures)

Companies have focused here for sales increases for the past 20 years, leading to an over-focus on product & industry knowledge while lagging behind on sales enablement.

SW_Sales Training

Approach: Sales Training

❌ Expensive
❌ Temporary Benefit
❌ Theoretical Knowledge
❌ Out-Dated Delivery
❌ Time-Based Cost
❌ Purchase Additional Resources


Approach: Self-Training

❌ Time Consuming
❌ Source Credibility
❌ No Guidance
❌ Endless Ads & Up-Selling
❌ Everyone Does it Differently


Want Proof?

This applies universally to all sales departments.


Understanding Pipeline Velocity

Sales departments can have a dizzying amount of stats to measure & manage.

Pipeline Velocity is the simple all-encompassing metric that allows us to measure the impact of sales enablement initiatives across the entire sales department by looking at 4 performance indicators that are universal across all teams and industries.

Active Opportunities: #AO

Total number (#) of opportunities active in pipeline

Win Rate: WR%

Count of deals closed divided by count of opportunities created (%)

Average Deal Size: $ADS

Average deal amount ($) across all closed deals

Sales Cycle: #SC

Average days to close (#) across all closed deals

Sales Enablement Definition

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is the practice of leveraging proven industry-neutral sales best practices to deploy & align company resources such as processes, tools, technology, and people in order to optimize productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency driving ongoing increases in sales performance.

Pillar 1

Process 🔃

Literally every aspect of the department needs simple, effective, measurable, scalable processes in order to keep a team of people selling consistently.

Pillar 3

Technology 🛠️

A sales team that isn’t focused on its data will always be wasting time trying to manage its own efforts, we identify wasted sales tech effort to eliminate.

Pillar 2

Tools 🛠️

Sales teams need external tools like marketing content and sales collateral, as well as internal tools like tribal knowledge bases & easy access to resources.

Pillar 4

People 👩‍💼

Sales people are individual assets with different emotions & competencies, we assess those competencies & create a healthy culture for those emotions.


Alignment 🎯

The focus of sales is to serve: serving buyers solutions, serving the company deals, serving different teams data - alignment ensures we serve effectively.


Why Did We Start SellWell?

            Because the age of the sales expert is dead ☠️
                      Because anyone can sell, and everyone can sell more 📈
                                 Because Sales People are set up to fail, treated poorly, and deserve better 💪
                                            Because sales performance doesn't have to cost us our mental health & personal wellness 🌅

  • The Sales Expert is Dead ☠️

  • Anyone Can Sell 📈

  • Sales People Deserve Better 💪

  • Performance, Health, & Wellness 🌅

Because the age of the sales expert is dead ☠️

We firmly believe that the age of the sales expert is dead:

There’s a new face standing up regularly on social media, claiming to be the world’s best seller, repackaging existing sales information and claiming it as their own.

It’s getting old, and pretending like it’s new information in order to justify prohibitively high prices is hurtful.

That is the formula that’s kept the price of sales training so high that sales departments are spending $15 Billion / year on this beast; which is providing temporary, outdated, inaccessible assistance to large companies while leaving the majority of the 20.8 million sales professionals in North Americas companies starving for more time, resources, and support to succeed.

The age of the sales expert is dead, the age of knowledge access & transfer is beginning.
We are SellWell, we are building a single-source-of-sales-truth, we are pioneers of  #OpenSourceSales.

Because anyone can sell, & everyone can sell more.

SellWell is founded on the fact that sales is a science, not an art.SellWell Industry Wheel Transparent
Yes there’s a massive amount of emotion in sales, but that’s all part of the process:

the psychology of persuasion

the fundamentals of effective communication

the uncovering and solving of genuine problems

the mechanics of performance

Like any other science we’re able to combine the right mixture of these elements to engineer winning sales outcomes again & again.

The other beautiful thing about science is that it’s universally applicable: everyone incorrectly asks “what industry?” because of the severe lack of focus that’s been put on fundamental sales knowledge.

Ideal client profiles, customer journeys, relationship management, competitor differentiation, prospecting - demonstration - and closing processes, effective questioning, objections, moving from thought to action… These universal sales fundamentals don’t care whether you’re selling software, services, battleships, or toilet paper - they’re consistently important and drive 80% of sales success. Only 20% of sales success comes from tribal knowledge, which is to say company knowledge on products and internal processes or industry knowledge on trends, standards, or specific competitors.

So what? So this is the foundation that our company is built on - the firm conviction that Anyone can sell, & Everyone can sell more.

Sales People are set up to fail, treated poorly, and deserve better.

This is a massive problem:

13% of North America is in some form of sales - that’s 20.8 million working professionals along with both their families & their companies depending on that individual to be a successful, productive, consistent, happy sales person.

But when we say the word “sales” to the average person, what comes to mind? Liar, Always Talking, Greedy, Selfish, Manipulative…that could even be considered a kind list.

Those of us in sales know that’s not true.

We know we are professional solvers of problems, communicators, and over-comers of rejection. But the fact remains Sales is the 3rd least trusted profession in the world behind only lawyer & politician and it shows in how sales people are treated.

As Sales People, we’re then set up to fail by the companies that hire us:
No training, just figure it out.
No resources, just try harder.
Unrealistic targets, just work longer.
Go the extra mile, right up until you’re fired.

With this being the reality for 20.8 million sales people, is it any wonder why sales roles have a staggering 34% annual turnover rate?
The 7 million sales people and their families wondering what their quality-of-life will look like deserve better than that.

Sales Performance doesn't have to cost us our mental health & personal wellness.

89% of all sales people are actively experiencing burnout.

65% of all sales people are struggling with their mental health.

Please let those facts sink in.

Factors that lead sales people to burn out at far higher rates than non-sales professions are:

  • Unrelenting stressors (rejection, lost deals, upset clients, etc.)
  • Daily pressure to perform at a high-level.
  • Lack of control in how goals and sales targets are set.
  • Lower job security & financial security.
  • Lower recognition (consistently starting back at zero).
  • Lower meaning and fulfillment through work.
  • Inability to take time off or vacation.
  • Poor work life balance.

All of these challenges are solvable, the lack of performance is solvable, this whole gigantic problem is solvable.

It’s never going to be solved by just one more expensive sales training program - or one more hour of following a sales revolving door of sales gurus on social media.

So take a moment to know us better, along with our mission, and our vision for the future of sales.

But above all, know that Sales Performance doesn’t have to be paved with our mental health & personal wellness.

Thanks for taking the time to learn our method.

Take the next step and familiarize yourself with what we do to help Sales People earn more, stress less, & live better.