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The most important step of your sales enablement journey is the first step.

Quick, impactful, and yours to keep - an assessment or plan is the perfect starting point.

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Option 1

Sales Enablement Maturity Assessment

For established teams looking to accelerate sales performance.

Option 2

Go-To Market
Sales Plan

For start-ups & early-stage sales teams looking to build & mature.

Option 3

Sales Transformation Readiness Assessment

For established teams moving from outside to inside.

Sales Enablement Pillars

What are we looking for?

We take a quantitative, thorough approach to looking at the core pillars & foundation of sales enablement.
All of our assessments and plans are conducted and built with theses pillars as the foundation.

Pillar 1

Process πŸ“‹

Every aspect of the department needs simple, effective, measurable, scalable processes in order to keep a team of people selling consistently.

Sales process topics:

β‡’ Territory management
β‡’ Pre-call research
β‡’ Prospecting
β‡’ Demo show %
β‡’ Demo completion
β‡’ Demo rating
β‡’ Pricing, negotiation, & discounting 
β‡’ Follow-up
β‡’ Closing 
β‡’ Deal handoff



Pillar 3

Technology πŸ’»

We identify wasted sales tech effort to eliminate inefficiency, and find undiscovered opportunities to accelerate / automate workflow.

Sales technology topics:

β‡’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform
β‡’ Sales Enablement (SE) Platform
β‡’ 3rd Party CRM Integrations 
β‡’ Sales Acceleration Tools
β‡’ Marketing Automation Tools
β‡’ Sales Dashboards (rep, manager, executive)
β‡’ Sales Data Creation

Pillar 2

Tools πŸ› οΈ

Sales teams need tools like marketing content and sales collateral, as well as internal tools like tribal knowledge bases & easy access to resources.

Sales tools topics:

β‡’ Playbooks
β‡’ Guides, Cheatsheets, & Flash cards
β‡’ Planners
β‡’ Pitch Decks
β‡’ Assessments
β‡’ Calculators
β‡’ Email templates & snippets
β‡’ Phone talk-tracks
β‡’ Sales activity sequences
β‡’ Marketing content (guides, infographics, finds, etc.)
β‡’ Sales collateral (pricing sheets, success stories, etc.)

Pillar 4

People πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό

Each sales person different emotions & competencies. We assess those competencies, ensure compensation is driving the right behaviours, & create a healthy culture for both emotion and performance.

Sales people topics:

β‡’ Role design & team structure
β‡’ Team skills inventory & certification
β‡’ Performance culture
β‡’ Mental health culture
β‡’ Career path & management mentorship
β‡’ Sales compensation


Alignment 🎯

The focus of sales is to serve: serving buyers solutions, serving the company deals, serving different teams data - alignment ensures we serve effectively.

Sales alignment topics:

β‡’ Sales Data Access
β‡’ Customer Success & Sales Alignment
β‡’ Marketing & Sales Alignment 
β‡’ Product & Sales Alignment
β‡’ Executive Team & Sales Alignment

Sales Performance Framework Circle


Our assessments are best suited for existing teams as these exercises allow both you & us to gain a clear, deep understanding of each area very quickly.

Option 1

Sales Enablement
Maturity Assessment

For existing sales teams looking to keep their existing format & structure while enabling greater sales performance.

This will show exactly where there is room to mature sales enablement and how to close those gaps.


Option 2

Sales Transformation
Readiness Assessment

For existing sales teams that know a shift is needed, either looking to digitize a traditional sales team or reboot an existing sales team.

This focuses on transforming from your current state to your desired state, showing your exact starting point and a plan to transform.

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Step #1

 Maturity / Readiness Assessment

80+ point detailed inspection of different sales enablement truths, unifying feedback from all relevant stakeholders & providing a detailed team snapshot.
Step #2

Support Effectiveness Survey

30+ point survey delivered to the sales team to validate, uncover blindspots, and gain buy-in & feedback on the most meaningful ways we can help.

Step #3


Every team has room to improve. This exercise allows us to prioritize improvements based on impact, feasibility, and strategic alignment. 

Step #4

Maturity Matrix

The mid-long term plan outlining the different levels of maturity across these functions today, and how we can improve it over the next 6-12-18+ months.

Step #5

Action Plan

The short-mid term plan detailing the specific steps we would recommend to take, and how long they should take to build, based on your snapshot.

Option 3

Go-To-Market Sales Plan

For start-ups & early-stage sales teams that know they’ll have to build 'everything' (or close to it).

We’ll take the time that would have been spent on assessing current efforts and instead invest it into ensuring that all aspects of a company’s sales foundation are in place with a concrete plan to execute.

What You Get

Vision & Mission

The ties that will bind the team together through all aspects of the company’s growth journey.

Growth Objectives

Concrete outcomes that align with the north star direction you’ve set for the company.

Ideal Client Profile(s)

A crystal clear picture of the businesses that will find you most helpful & the reasons why.

Customer Personas

A personalized understanding of the people involved in your ICP(s) influencing or making the decisions.

Market Analysis

Objective insights into your TAM, SAM, & SOM which will help turn insurmountable into predictably attainable.

Unique Value Proposition

Perfectly summarized, the impact you make on your customer’s lives that only you can make.

Product Packaging

Tiers, bundles, functions, packages, prices… the combinations are endless and must take pricing psychology into account.

Customer Relationships

Who are we building the relationships with, and what methods are we going about doing that with?

Crawl > Walk > Run

Key phases & milestones that will break the journey into manageable stages, each with their own challenges & opportunities.

Sales Process

Running from awareness to commitment, the key workflows which will move our prospects along the journey to customers.

Customer Process

Running from commitment to evangelism, the key workflows which will nurture & build evangelists out of our customers.

Key Resources

What will we need to invest in to execute this journey, from technology to tools to people and everything in between.

Tech Stack MVP

The key technologies we need eliminate CRM friction, accelerate productivity & effectiveness, and make sales repeatable.

Sales Targets & KPI's

The specific targets, goals, and expectations that will drive success going into the market.


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